Haldi Indian Restaurant

12 Lintot Square, Fairbank Road, Southwater RH13 9LA


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Haldi Indian Restaurant


Haldi is an Indian cuisine restaurant in Southwater, Horsham. Haldi serves all the popular Indian dishes we are familiar with. We also serve Roshini Mirchi, Satkora, Mishty Kodu Lamb, King Prawn Khazana, and Roshini Mirchi Monk Fish. However, still the authenticity of good Indian cuisine dishes are always something many Indian cuisine enthusiasts worry about. However, now there are many Indian restaurants around that consider authenticity important and these restaurants just don’t toss some curry spices, yoghurt and herbs and serve it as Indian food, but actually prepare authentic Indian dishes. Haldi is one such restaurant. Check our menu and order something, you will surely see how we try maintaining the authenticity of Indian food. We serve in Brighton, Worthing, Bexhill, Maidstone, Basingstoke, and Fairbank.